K.I.D.S Inc. creates curriculums and constructs dedicated programs that may be tailored to the specific needs of each group.

Our plan is to increase the overall fitness of our students and improve their morale and wellbeing through exercise, games and activities, self-defence and self-awareness.

We aim to provide our students with new skills to manage the challenges in their lives, helping them to become confident, positive and responsible young people. Most of all, our goal is to influence them in a positive way.

K.I.D.S Inc. offers Life Skills programs which focus on respect, responsibility, positive body image, bullying, resilience and social skills training - making the right choices, considering the needs of others and actions and consequences.

Our Leadership programs consist of various games and activities that challenge students to work effectively as a team, listening and applying different strategies to complete the required tasks.  

Students are chosen by their peers to lead different activities which help build character, self-confidence, self-awareness, teamwork and leadership skills. 

Our self-defence program consists of drills, skills and games that are fun and challenging. Our main focus in class is Prevention and Awareness and Stranger danger.

The program also teaches students relaxation and visualisation techniques, managing strong emotional reactions and negative thinking - dealing with anger in a positive way, learning to be assertive, not aggressive, and problem-solving.  

Not only do these classes improve the health, wellbeing and fitness in our participants, they also help students to set goals for self-improvement and develop a non-quitting spirit that is necessary to overcome all obstacles.

Our group environment creates opportunities for young people who may be socially isolated to interact positively with others. When exercises are done with partners students can learn to rely on others for help, a core life skill. It's fun and creates an opportunity to make new connections.

In our classes, we have found that all participants are willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something different with positive results.

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Life Skills program

 Our games and activities include different strategies for developing coping skills and focus, making the right choices under pressure, listening without interrupting or judging and building positive, supportive friendships.


Leadership program

The ability to lead through influence and example rather than authority is the most important quality of a great leader.


Self-defence program

Basic techniques are taught through repetition, all of which can be easily applied if they were required for self-defence.