As parents of teenagers, we understand the challenges life throws at us.

Our duty is to encourage our children to believe in themselves, to be confident, positive and eventually independent.

We exert enormous influence over our children's development. However, we are not the only influence, especially after they start school.

We created K.I.D.S Inc several years ago when we realised, through our children, the pressures of school.

The main one at the time was preparing for secondary school- the transitional period.

Speaking to our Principal we were informed that many students from as early as grade 5 were anxious about moving on.

We have dealt with bullying issues and coached our children to be resilient through tough times, to speak out and stand by others going through the same ordeal.

We have also discussed the dangers that they may face daily - crossing roads safely, being aware of their surroundings and stranger danger.

Mostly, we have always instilled common sense - if it sounds stupid, don't do it!

We reinforce what teachers and parents tell their students/children every day.

Through life experiences and backgrounds in fitness, martial arts and self-defence, we have put together different programs to encourage children to be independent whilst being safe and alert, to make friends so they can reach their full social potential, to be resilient, reliable and trustworthy and to work independently and collaboratively to build life skills.



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Exi Fenton

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Danny Pecastaing


I've been involved in the fitness industry for almost 30 years. Working as a fitness leader around Melbourne has given me extensive experience in all types of physical training, diet and nutrition.

I trained at 10th Planet for 4 years learning boxing and MMA techniques, Crossfit training and street survival skills.

I'm a positive role model for my 2 children, teaching them the importance of healthy body, healthy mind and pushing through life's challenges to create something positive. I competed in the INBA several times placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd to show them that with hard work and perseverance anything can be achieved.

I have allowed my kids to be themselves, guiding them without over-parenting and listening without judgement to help build positive communication and establish a healthy and loving relationship.

Being involved in Martial arts for 30 years, I practised a variety of different styles and have achieved the rank of black belt in Zen Do Kai and Koryu Uchinadi under the instruction of Sensei Frank Barca.

In 2007  I became a Martial Arts Therapist Instructor through The Mat Program learning how to combine life skills with self-defence in a way that is fun, interesting and different to traditional classroom learning.

Over the last 12 years, I have been involved with Primary and Secondary schools teaching leadership, life skills and self-defence, and held classes for students aged 6-14 years in 2 venues.

l am a father to a teenager and have taught him that with commitment and persistence he can achieve any goal he sets himself. He has learnt to not be afraid to step outside his comfort zone and see what his true potential is.